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Android Developer Story: ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a classroom tool that helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. See how they optimized for the classroom with ...

Class Dojo Review

classdojo Created with TouchCast For the interactive version visit: ...

ClassDojo App Presentation

ClassDojo is a behavior tracking/classroom management app available on iOS, Android, and as a webapp on PCs/Macs.

Tutorial ClassDojo (En español)

Espero que les sea de utilidad el video, con esta aplicación podrán reforzar las actitudes y aptitudes en sus alumnos, así como mantener comunicación con los ...

How To Use the Class Dojo iPhone App and Website

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ClassDojo Tutorial

Dumas shares his favorite classroom management Web 2.0 tool, ClassDojo.

iPadagogy - App Review - Class Dojo for Students This app review looks at Class Dojo for students and shows them how to set up their account.

iPadagogy - App Review - Class Dojo 2 Minute Tutorial This app review and video tutorial looks at Class Dojo, a fantastically simple and extremely effective classroom management ...

ClassDojo Editing my Avatar!

I edit my Avatar on the app Class Dojo.

How To Create A Parent Account In Class Dojo

How To Create A Parent Account In Class Dojo.

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